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Diegueno Country School

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Parents Say

We feel so privileged that our children were able to attend Diegueño Country School. It is a magical place, unlike any other school. The children are embraced by a loving community while at the same time they are encouraged to meet academic challenges they wouldn't find elsewhere. At Diegueño, our son developed a deep love of Shakespeare and still reads the plays for pleasure. Our daughter developed self confidence and a passion for artistic expression. We will carry forever our happy memories of days at Diegueño, and the friendships that we still hold dear.

Rebecca Reichmann Tavares, Ed.D.

At Diegueño Country School our children have found a unique combination of academic excellence in a nurturing, loving, fun and creative environment. Our children consider their school as a second family. Diegueño has helped them blossom, guided their curiosity, and encouraged them to think on their own through a rigorous academic program. The school's approach is unique because it builds their confidence without repressing their spirit and creativity. Diegueño's emphasis on ethics, kindness and respect for others reassures us that our children will go through life with a strong value system. Having our kids at Diegueno has been one of the best choices we could have made

Drs. Bill and Laura Freeman
Sending our children to Diegueño was the best decision we ever made!  Not only are the teachers exceptional teachers, but they have incredible compassion and truly care for the children.  Diegueño provided a stimulating, challenging, enriching academic experience that was enveloped in a compassionate, caring, and nurturing environment.  Both my very different children loved going to school everyday and every year was their "favorite year".

Tracy Speas

Diegueño Country School provided our child with the perfect balance:  a warm, loving, and nurturing environment that embraced rigorous academics. Diegueño exceeded our hopes and expectations, creating a solid foundation for academic achievement in higher learning while offering abundant opportunities for becoming a well balanced child.

Dr. A.J. and Katherine Foster

Diegueño Country School is a magical place where our children flourish in a nurturing and loving environment.  The teachers and staff at Diegueño provide our children with the support and encouragement they need to navigate the challenging and stimulating learning opportunities Diegueño provides.  Because of the safe, supportive culture at Diegueño, our children are excited about learning and are motivated to achieve their personal best.  

Greg & Laurie Howard

Diegueño offers a magical learning environment which challenges the individual child and encourages him or her to reach their maximum potential. The incredibly dedicated teachers wisely and lovingly raise the bar for each child so they blossom with the delight of success and achievement -- and the children remain positively aware that they can reach even higher and look forward to leaning more.  I feel very lucky that our son attends this school and is receiving an excellent primary education.

Diane Scavuzzo

What strikes us most about the Diegueño experience is the incredible passion that the faculty has for teaching. Their love for teaching translates into a one of kind learning experience for our four children. The high standards coupled with a nurturing environment has enabled our children to blossom and reach their full potential while being enriched by an accelerated curriculum.

Tricia and Ray Faltinsky

At Diegueño, my children are challenged and stimulated by caring teachers who appreciate their individual learning styles and personalities. The culture of the school is remarkable - it's a nurturing, family-style environment where my kids feel loved and supported every day. As a result, they are passionate about learning, and are exceptionally well prepared to handle the academics at any secondary school."

Studying Shakespeare at Diegueño was a fabulous experience for my son. His class read Macbeth in 6th grade, and analyzed the text in an incredibly sophisticated way. My normally quiet child started spouting Elizabethan quotations and reading more of Shakespeare's plays on his own. It really lit his fire. Performing in the class production of "Two Gentlemen of Verona" was a wonderful culmination of his Diegueño experience. I can't imagine him having a better opportunity anywhere else."

Abby Adams



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